1. Before anything – check out my videos and other info at my studio page, and please read this page carefully. Feel like we’re a good fit? Great, let’s move forward with the rest of these steps and do this! Not sure? Reach out at my contact form with your concerns and let’s see if they’re resolvable, or not. But no matter what, let’s use our precious time well!

2. Please send links, and any useful info via my contact form (or mp3s via my email address which I’ll provide, if needed), so I can decide if I can do the material justice. Turnaround time for one song/piece can be as soon as 2-3 days.

3. We’ve gotten this far! Now let’s negotiate a rate (depends on song-complexity & other factors) which is either:

  • an hourly rate (minimum $50/hr), including prep, recording (incl. multiple proof-of-concept takes, see step #6), through getting the final tracks to you,
  • or a song rate (minimum $250/song), including the same as above (though only a single proof-of-concept take, see step #6).

4. Send me a $125 deposit (or whatever amount is half the total project estimated cost) via PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo at the Username or email address I’ll provide. (Though it’s never happened before, some of this deposit might be refundable if the project is cut short. The exact amount will depend on how much work I’ve already done, etc. Don’t worry, it’ll be fair!)

5. Send me the info & files indicated below via WeTransfer, Google Drive, or Dropbox etc. Don’t have the files/stems? For a little extra billable time, I can probably derive them from the main mp3/WAV song file using the Moises app:

  • Stereo mix with drums/rhythm tracks (high-quality 360kbps mp3, or WAV),
  • Stereo mix without drums/rhythm tracks (remove what needs to be replaced only),
  • Mono or stereo Audio Click Track (mp3 or WAV),
  • A set of individual unity gain stems (high-quality 360kbps mp3s, or WAVs) so I can control my headphone mix. Please give 2 bars of space before the first downbeat of the song. Please label audio files clearly and simply with the name of the song AND name of the instrument or mix. For example: “SongName_Bass” or “SongName_No Drums”
  • Guidance notes via email, Google Drive doc, or spreadsheet with desired sections highlighted (lyric sheet optional),
  • Tempo(s), Meter(s), Key(s) — if variable tempo, please indicate via a simple chart or lead sheet,
  • Indicate Sample Rate (usually 44.1 or 48, but maybe 88.2 or 96 kbps) and Bit Depth (usually 24-bit).

6. I work out a drum part, record it, then send you an mp3 stereo mix as proof-of-concept (POC). Remember, a song rate includes only one POC take: one chance for you to suggest any changes before final recording. An hourly rate allows doing this multiple times. Regardless, often this first POC take is already good enough! In such a case, then you send me the remainder of my fee (same payment method as the deposit), then I send you up to 8 raw drum files/stems after I confirm receipt of payment.

7. But if the POC take(s) doesn’t work, then I record the final drum part, then you send me the remainder of my fee, then I send you the raw files/stems.

8. You dig the HELL out of these great drum tracks!!


** NOTE: it’s really, really rare for anyone to not be very satisfied with my drum tracks. But if do-over takes/tracks are definitely needed, and we can work out a schedule to do so, then I’ll record more takes @ add’l $150 each.

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