Into the Mystery

What Gems are hiding in the Fertile Void?…

Let us take a deep dive beneath the veils ~ for a world of riches lies beneath the surface of our conscious imaginings, but how many of us courageously journey there? How many listen to the silent yet thunderous voice within, and how many fewer still live from that deep place of truth? Can we let simply the veils of our egos fall away, for even one moment of grace, and see what the Mystery within wants to say? In this embodied creative-play journey, we will take a step off the ledge of the known and into the unknown, into the exhilarating and terrifying Void, the primordial birthplace of creation. Through the evocative practices of Authentic Movement, trance dance, shamanic ceremony, improvisational vocal play, and vital truth-telling, we will take a dive into the birthplace of the Mystery ~ indeed, the birthplace of Soul

Into the Mystery is a 4-5 hour embodied journey. Participants move at the pace that is true to them, and share to the extent they feel comfortable.

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